An idea arrives.

Most of my writing comes as an expression of something I’ve seen, be it a simple sign, or a person or an implied action or idea. For Touch of Evil, most of the stories are based on What if… usually everyday things that each person performs by rote because it is safe and secure and habit etc etc. Like getting on a train, or falling asleep on a train ( End of the Line ) or being at the end of ones energy and falling asleep for a second at the wheel of a car (Davy’s Rivers of Light ) or following unknown people up a road while looking for a shortcut from A to B ( Hair Raiser ). One such piece of inspiration was a set of contest criteria, in which the central theme was ” A person who works at a zoo goes into a cage and finds …”. This gave me a short story (one of my favourites in all my writing life) called ” There’s a Bear in There!)

Inspiration and ideas are fired at me from all corners.

A new inspiration came last night, from a picture posted on Facebook. I’ve seen it before, maybe a dozen times, but last night I was looking at it, thinking to myself,

” There’s a movie, an animated movie at the very least in this. Attention Pixar, or maybe Tim Burton’s stop motion people.

Then it hit me (not literally) that maybe I should be the one writing it. Enter : imagination induced insomnia.

So I’ve considered the course and have made rough plans. I’m a little nwervous coz this will enter parts of my mind I haven’t enetered in years, but if we always stay where it’s safe nothing will ever get done.

Will post as I go.

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