Bin a long time

It’s been a long long time since I’ve done a foodie post, or any sort of post for that matter. The twins





have taken up a lot of my time, time happily spent mind, but still it has encroached on my ability to do all that I need to do in a given day. But, I have selected some time and here is a new post, based on food: cooking it, eating it and thinking about it.

Today is week three of the curing of fresh olives obtained from the farm of Peter Caldwell. Last years efforts were okay, but following advice from people in the business has always been a road to failure. While most are willing to share some of their knowledge, it has become apparent that there will always be that little bit of info that is held back, or withheld completely. This when the info said ” score olives” when doing as directed, the olives sort of … fell part.  So, this year, no scoring and by the taste (still disgusting but not nearly so as fresh picked fruit) it seems they are curing well. In addition, the smaller, almost half size fruit seems to be curing at a faster rate, perhaps due to size, or varietal. Either way, two weeks for them, three to six for the other buckets. From their they will be final cured in jars, to be turned into wonderful pizza additions and tapenades.

Those that read my stuff (thanks to all of you) will remember last eyars wild grown oranges. Well, crusing past the trees has found them full of unripe fruit, say maybe eight weeks from ripe. Already anticipating the tart, almost biting flavour from these oranges. Sour marmalade, orange sauce, puddings and cakes await.

The limes this year re phenomenal. Thanks again to Peter, as well as for the pecans. Most of the nuts have been cracked and eaten raw, some were tested in a flourless cake, similar to the gluten free made from almonds but the pecan taste becomes a little overpowering. tasty, but needs further refinement. Perhaps a half and half next time. The limes await being turned into Key Lime Pie and Lime Meringue Pie and a drizzle over sauce for fish.

On the test bench this week, choclate chip biscuits (not cookees, we’re in Australia mate), a short form Black Forest Cake, some tricks with squid beyond the usual crumbing and salt and peppering. Life in the lab is continually evolving.


Have fun, and bon apetite to all.


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