Tonite, Tonite

Wild nite tonite. Halloween, for us in the southern and eastern half of the planet at least. You’ll all catch up tomorrow/today/soon.

Mad storm bashed through here a couple of hours ago. Wild winds, slashing rain, noise, thunder big light-show. Couple of brownouts had the TV off. Computers were already off. Soon as there’s a hint of activity they get shut down. Lost 3 in the past 2 years to storms so the rule now is TAKE NO CHANCES.

But it’s gone now. Winds are gone, rains’s eased to a gentle drizzle that – in the warmth of this pre-summer that comes and goes without warning – is quite pleasant. Having dragged the dog out from under the table and convinced it that yes, it does need to piss on the lawn, I’m standing out of the driveway and taking a quiet look around.

Out to the north and northwest, the clouds still flash with lightning. It reminds me of the scene in Close Encounters, moments before the scout ships do their little flythrough before the Mothership shows herself over the Devils Tower. The clouds out there are throwing back some gold. red. orange, pink, yellow, grey lights. The sky overhead here is filled with pillows and whisps of cloud. A couple of fruitbats drift across the sky, probably heading for the bananas, maybe the berries to the south. The frogs are singing up a storm, maybe a precurser to a followup later tonite. Even the geckos are having a little song.

The air is still.

It’s a great nite to write. Maybe about this Halloween that should have seen the end of Transported Legends, maybe do some notes for Nanowrimo that starts in one whole day away. Maybe something new. As you may or my not know. we live in a smallish town called Grafton, middle of the North Coast of NSW. This place was once the economic hub of the area, the major staging point because of the river that flows through the middle of town. This same river floods with alarming regularity. Our last minor flood was last year. 2009 saw a worse one.

Have had an idea in my mind for a while. Tentative name would be “Before the Flood” or “After the Flood”.

Probably After.

But maybe Before.

It’s a detail. Worry about it later.

The basic idea is that every 100 or so years there’s the flood from Hell. This is kind of truth. But suppose some sort of entity shows up, something real bad that makes itself known jut before this really bad flood, selecting souls, or bodies, or whatever as sacrifice to the river. Imagine as well some fat old guy who lives on his boat, who gets cranky if you touch his boat. no one likes him, but he;s been the only thing keeping the river spirits under control for at least forty years.

There needs to be a lot more thought tho. Needs some bones, some reasons why. And that’s what nites like this are for.

Happy Halloween. Good writing to you all.

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